South Penrith, NSW, Australia - Current Conditions

Observations by an Ecowitt GW1000 Personal Weather Station
16.9 °C
Feels like: 16.8 °C
High Low
19.6 °C 11.1 °C
S 174°
Speed Gust
3   4
Barometer1026.0 hPa
Dew Point11.7 °C
Rain5.3 mm  0.0 mm/hr
ET0.0 mm
Radiation47 W/m²
Cloud Base714 metres
Sun & Moon

Last Quarter
45% visible

The current UV index 0.0, is Low

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High: 19.6 °C Low: 11.1 °C
Average Wind: 2 km/h Highest Wind: 13 km/h
Today's Rain: 5.3 mm Highest Rate: 21.0 mm/hr
High: 26.8 °C Low: 3.6 °C
Average Wind: 1 km/h Highest Wind: 26 km/h
Total Rain: 55.5 mm Highest Rate: 21.0 mm/hr
Recent Local Earthquake

16 km SW of Maketu, New Zealand
Magnitude 4.5
2349.3 km ESE
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